JetFuelX Makes Managing your

Fuel Cards Simple and Free

Stop paying unreasonable monthly prices to manage your fueling relationships

NEW: JetFuelX + ForeFlight Performance

You can now link your JetFuelX account with ForeFlight to receive prices on maps so you can plan your fuel with your negotiated prices.


What is JetFuelX?

JetFuelX is a free web-based service that saves you time and money by helping you pinpoint the best available contract fuel price from your multiple fuel program memberships.


Manage Unlimited Card Memberships

Easily manage your multiple memberships without the time-consuming task of manually checking each one before a trip. Service is easy to setup, and is optimized for any device – desktop, tablet or phone.

Quickly Search and Compare Your Prices

JetFuelX analyzes the latest pricing data for all of your fuel card memberships and highlights the best price in seconds. No more logging in to separate websites or managing spreadsheets.

Developed by Pilots for Operators

Great for flight departments with more than one airplane, or for aircraft on leaseback that have different fuel discount levels. Associate all your pricing with one aircraft, or individually.

JetFuelX in ForeFlight

JetFuelX + ForeFlight

Built-in high-performance aircraft profiles that produce accurate flight times, fuel burns, and tailored routes plus JetFuelX integrated directly into your flight planning.

Supported Fuel Vendors

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