Simplify Your Fuel Card Management

JetFuelX allows you to consolidate, compare, and update your contract fuel prices with ease, and integrates them with ForeFlight for easy access while flight planning.

Available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.


What is JetFuelX?

JetFuelX is a web-based feature of ForeFlight Performance that allows you to consolidate and automatically update your contract fuel prices from multiple fuel program memberships, and seamlessly integrates these prices with ForeFlight.

ForeFlight Performance + JetFuelX

JetFuelX is now included in ForeFlight Performance, combining hassle-free fuel card management with the industry’s leading flight planning and inflight solution. With ForeFlight Performance you can plan flights, compare FBOs, and issue fuel releases with quick access to all your JetFuelX contract fuel prices.


Manage Unlimited Card Memberships

Easily manage your multiple memberships without the time-consuming task of manually checking each one before a trip. Service is easy to set up and integrated with ForeFlight’s web-based application so you can access it anywhere.

Find the Best Price at Any FBO

JetFuelX analyzes the latest pricing data for all of your fuel card memberships and highlights the best price for any FBO you view in ForeFlight. No more logging in to separate websites or managing spreadsheets.

Developed by Pilots for Operators

Great for flight departments with more than one airplane, or for aircraft on leaseback that have different fuel discount levels. Associate all your pricing with one aircraft, or individually.

JetFuelX in ForeFlight

ForeFlight Performance

ForeFlight's next-generation flight deck solution simplifies advanced planning for pilots and flight departments who own, operate, and fly high-performance aircraft. Plan, brief, and file optimized routes in a matter of seconds – on mobile and on the web.

Supported Fuel Vendors

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