JetFuelX + ForeFlight Performance Plus

A complete performance, and fuel planning suite with JetFuelX directly integrated.

JFX Prices on Maps

Next Generation Global Flight Solution

The days of digging through your turbine aircraft’s POH are over. ForeFlight Performance Plus’ next generation flight planning uses detailed performance profiles to calculate accurate flight time, and global autorouting exactly as published in the manufacturer's operating handbook.

JFX Prices on Maps

JetFuelX Prices on Maps

You can now link your JetFuelX account with ForeFlight to receive prices on maps so you can plan your fuel with your negotiated prices.

ForeFlight Performance Profiles

Built in Profiles

ForeFlight offers hundreds of aircraft performance profiles that produce highly accurate flight times and fuel burn in a user friendly interface that simplifies the workflow on the desktop and mobile.

ForeFlight Fuel and Load Planning

Fuel and Load Planning

Our in house performance team built each aircraft profile according to the exact models defined for multiple aircraft weights, altitudes, and temperatures according to the manufacturer POH.

Want to know what it's like using ForeFlight Performance?

Performance Based Flight Planning

ForeFlight Performance includes a library of OEM-sourced turbine aircraft profiles that produce accurate flight times and fuel burns, a sophisticated flight planning engine that generates global autorouting powered by AviationCloud, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the planning workflow.


Mobile First Workflow

ForeFlight Performance simplifies the planning workflow with its easy-to-use mobile interface that syncs to the web, ensuring all of your devices are up to date. Create, brief, and file complex global flight plans in a matter of a few minutes.

Fly Fast? Plan Faster

ForeFlight allows you to consolidate electronic charts and maps, weather, flight plan filing, secure cloud-based document distribution, and device compliance tracking into one elegantly designed platform.

ForeFlight Fuel and Load Planning

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